Spider (Thiago)

Coach Spider’s (Thiago) Bio:

Coach Thiago Spider is a former professional volleyball player and has been working at Rio for almost 2 years.

He has 25 years of experience playing volleyball around the world, and has played professionally in Brazil, Spain, France, Turkey, Belgium, Lebanon, and also has experience with beach volleyball.

Coach Spider is a 2x France Championship gold medalist in addition to being a France SuperCup gold medalist, Belgium Championship gold medalist, Belgium SuperCup gold medalist, Belgium Cup gold medalist, and Lebanese Championship gold medalist.

Coach Spider also was a 2x CEV bronze medalist and 1x South American Volleyball Club Championship silver medalist (when he
was only 19 years-old, by the way!).

Coach Spider is available for the following training sessions:

1 Person Training: $100/hour
2 Person Training: $120/hour
3 Person Training: $145/hour
4 Person Training: $160/hour

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November 2021
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