Antonio started in the sport very young, at 10 years old. He played in several top teams in Brazil as a setter winning numerous championships and playing alongside the best professionals players and coaches at the time.

Antonio trained and competed at the highest level for several years until he decided to take on a different career path and travel the world by becoming a fashion model. He signed with Important Agencies around the globe and traveled to places like USA, Japan, France, Italy, England, Turkey, Greece, Chile, China…

Even while pursuing his modeling career, Antonio continued to follow the world of volleyball and keep up with the game by attending many international tournaments and developing connections in various parts of the globe.
Antonio loves the game and knows how to work well in a diverse and fast paced environment.

He feels very comfortable with all cultures and has great friends in the volleyball world and a great dream of working with social projects. Currently, Antonio is studying International Relations with a specialization in Sports Marketing.

1 Person Training: $80/hour
2 Person Training: $100/hour
3 Person Training: $120/hour
4 Person Training: $140/hour

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